Thursday, December 11, 2014

Or, I could do a software startup...

Yesterday (DECEMBER 10, 2014) I got the call from the Ferrari dealer, saying that they got the call from the Ferrari factory that allows them to order a few more cars. My car was next on the dealer's wait list. They say I can expect it to be delivered in April, 2015... 4 months away.

Hooray! Right? Well, not so fast. Over the past month or so I have been moving toward starting up a new software company that may require some invested capital. That's pretty normal, but I'm a bit concerned about the "optics" when the startup founder is driving a new Ferrari and looking for OPM (Other People's Money) to invest in his startup. Doesn't seem quite right, does it? There are arguments for and against, but I'm leaning in the against direction, so I told the dealer I'm going to pass on this go-around and re-order for delivery when I have a nice exit from this startup adventure.

There is another thought about "keeping some dry powder" when doing a startup. It's advice I would give all of my clients, so I should listen to myself...

So it looks like I'll be driving my trusty Audi S5 (highly modified, of course) for a while longer, and that's not a bad thing at all. In 4 years I have managed to drive it only 17,777 miles. It's practically brand new! The license plate sure is, as it was ordered a few months ago, and arrived just last week. New license plates are far less expensive than new cars! :)


  1. How about a REBT app for startups (rational emotive behavior therapy). Helps to keep your entrepreneurial brain from kicking over to the limbic system too often. Also, all the rationalizing will be good for when founders go out and face the investor squad, and where having logical answers for their rapid fire queries might get them to the next meeting.

  2. Here's another idea. An app that takes an inventory of the user's environment and spits out a result as to what they need to change in order to make the environment more conducive to startup success. Do they have too many distractions? Do they have the right people in their life (technical, emotional, intellectual)? Do they have the right exposure to information? The app then gives them tasks with deadlines: get rid of xyz, find abc. The user can see them zero in on the right environment as they complete the tasks. Again, a calm environment can soothe the limbic system but will be intellectually stimulating enough to weed out bad ideas.

  3. Mike,
    Good luck with your startup. You will be successful because you make the hard, intelligent decisions like this one. Hope you have the opportunity to order your Ferrari soon. As you might say " In the fullness of time... "

  4. I know you do yoga. Have you seen the video of the gentleman who changed his life doing it?