Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Forgive me, Father; it has been 14 years since my last Ferrari

It seems like such a long time to be without a Ferrari. It is a Wrong that must be Put Right. A disharmony in the Universe. A Nit which must be Picked.

More than a Nit, of course. Or a Nit on the scale of the Nail that was Lost. A Nit with Grand Consequences.

It was not intended to be this way, that is, so long since my last Ferrari. It was, at the time, a mere transition, without any characterization of when the next one would come along, or what it would be, etc. At the time, it was surely unintended that it would be my LAST Ferrari. Surely there would be others...

I should speak of it as my Previous Ferrari, not my last Ferrari. There are only Previous, Current, or Next Ferraris.

It was merely a move from a giant airplane hangar in the desert with 6 cars to a seaside condo with only one parking place. Only one of my rides could be the daily driver.  The Maranello needed 20 minutes to warm up before the manual shifter would smooth out, so it was poorly suited to daily driving and reluctantly I let it go. I chose the Jag XK8 convertible, blue, for the daily driver, and drove it for 5 years. Then a Corvette roadster, C6, in 2006 followed by the Audi S5. Time slips away...

My Previous Ferrari was a brand new 550 Maranello. Photo above.

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