Friday, September 5, 2014


If "sometime in the spring" is the current estimate of when the car will arrive, then to put some numbers to that concept, here is a countdown to the First Day of Spring, and as of this writing, it shows 195 days. For a middle of spring date, add 45 days to get 240 from today. And that's an interesting number because that's about what the car will cost, in k. This gives me a target of earning 1k/day more to be able to pay for it when it arrives. All good things to know...

On a positive note, it will be considerably less time until my Next Ferrari than it has been since my Previous Ferrari (2001). So there's that...  :)

And, another positive note: As of today, I have crossed over from being a man who has no Ferrari to a man who has one on order. That seems to be a massive leap in itself.

Counting the days until Spring...

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