Saturday, May 17, 2014


Drove an hour north in my low-profile S5 to see a (somewhat) real life Ferrari California T. It was exhilarating but not accelerating. A feast for the eyes, for sure, in every nook, cranny, scoop and scallop. The leather is so good I just wanted to live there. Seat is perfect. A car you strap on. Body wear. The fit and feel of the door was right, it made the right sound, and yet it was light. High quality of build and finish.
I think the paint was good. Couldn't tell. The light in the showroom was strange. It was noon, which is always a challenging time to get good visual appeal. And the overhead fluorescent lights didn't help either. So I have to admit I didn't fall in love with the beauty of it the way I thought I would for my First Time. That's ok, I've fallen in love on the second date before, it's not all about just spontaneous Lust with me. I'll give her a second chance, and come back under better light, like at sunset.
So that's the highlight of my experience today, seeing, for the First Time, the 3-dimensional Ferrari California T.
Say what? That's all to report? No test drive? Sadly no. In fact, I have yet to hear it start. It is just for display only! The dealer is forbidden to start it. Such a tease!
Why would the Ferrari factory do this to me? Because this is one of the prototypes, the very small number of cars that will make their way around the world to dangle in front of the regular Ferrari buyers. A preview of things to come.
The first real dealer demonstrator cars will arrive sometime around October, according to career Ferrari salesman Pat Persichini. What a job, right? Ferrari salesman. What the heck am I doing playing with startups and computer software? I could be selling Ferraris. And other exotic automobiles. How great would that be!
Pat sold me my last Ferrari, 14 years ago. Can you imagine that? Fourteen years since my last new Ferrari. Boggles my mind. How have I managed to deal with everyday life without a Ferrari? This is an injustice that must be dealt with.
I just need to get through the next few months...
Until I can hear the noises she makes, the growl and thunder, the moaning and wailing... bark like a bad dog, scream like a banshee.
Until I can feel her supple glove leather interior pressing me full into the turns.
Until I can smell the new, and the heat, and the fire and rubber.
There's much more I need from this new Ferrari.
October seems very far away.
I know the wait will be worth it....