Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Announcement

On February 12, 2014, it was announced in the motoring press that Ferrari would soon reveal their newest model, the "California T", at the Geneva Auto Show, March 6, 2014.

As a long time Ferrari addict, this announcement caught my attention. I had looked at the California model when it was announced several years ago, but other than the retractible hardtop, it left me wanting more.

Because?  Well, for starters, it was a V8, and all my Ferraris to date (four different 275GTBs and a 550 Maranello) have been V12s.  It just didn't seem that it would have the guts I would want in a new Ferrari.  Also, I thought those stacked exhaust tips were a bit overdone. A styling error. That was enough to put me off.  It seemed that the car was just not up to further inquiry.

The latest announcement photos show that Ferrari has fixed the exhaust tips error and put them where God intended, where they belong. And, for some reason, I'm becoming more accepting of a V8.  That could be due to the 552 horses (more than the Maranello).

The big draw is the retractible hardtop. Although I live in SoCal, and most days are great for top down driving, I seldom do it.  I'm a low-profile kind of guy, not into showing off, so I usually keep the top up when I'm driving a convertible.  Rag-top convertibles are noisy.  I don't want wind noise blurring the sound of the exhaust, and the engine. So the flip-top should be a lot quieter.

Lots to think about.  I find myself wanting one!

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