Thursday, December 11, 2014

Or, I could do a software startup...

Yesterday (DECEMBER 10, 2014) I got the call from the Ferrari dealer, saying that they got the call from the Ferrari factory that allows them to order a few more cars. My car was next on the dealer's wait list. They say I can expect it to be delivered in April, 2015... 4 months away.

Hooray! Right? Well, not so fast. Over the past month or so I have been moving toward starting up a new software company that may require some invested capital. That's pretty normal, but I'm a bit concerned about the "optics" when the startup founder is driving a new Ferrari and looking for OPM (Other People's Money) to invest in his startup. Doesn't seem quite right, does it? There are arguments for and against, but I'm leaning in the against direction, so I told the dealer I'm going to pass on this go-around and re-order for delivery when I have a nice exit from this startup adventure.

There is another thought about "keeping some dry powder" when doing a startup. It's advice I would give all of my clients, so I should listen to myself...

So it looks like I'll be driving my trusty Audi S5 (highly modified, of course) for a while longer, and that's not a bad thing at all. In 4 years I have managed to drive it only 17,777 miles. It's practically brand new! The license plate sure is, as it was ordered a few months ago, and arrived just last week. New license plates are far less expensive than new cars! :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Black top looks good

I like the idea of painting the top black, as it seems to show off the lines of the body better when the top is up.  I'll probably be driving 90% of the time with the top up...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wow! What a great color...

Still thinking of colors... here's one you won't see every day: (maybe I'm partial to it because it's on one of the prettiest Ferraris ever made)

Friday, September 5, 2014


If "sometime in the spring" is the current estimate of when the car will arrive, then to put some numbers to that concept, here is a countdown to the First Day of Spring, and as of this writing, it shows 195 days. For a middle of spring date, add 45 days to get 240 from today. And that's an interesting number because that's about what the car will cost, in k. This gives me a target of earning 1k/day more to be able to pay for it when it arrives. All good things to know...

On a positive note, it will be considerably less time until my Next Ferrari than it has been since my Previous Ferrari (2001). So there's that...  :)

And, another positive note: As of today, I have crossed over from being a man who has no Ferrari to a man who has one on order. That seems to be a massive leap in itself.

Counting the days until Spring...

Blue car

Blue Pozzi, with Blue Sterling interior, leather and Alcantara (suede). White (blanco) stitching. Ordered it today. "Spring" delivery.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Test Drive Video

GoPro video clips of my Test Drive of the Ferrari California T. Recorded and edited by Ferrari North America.

I tried to keep my composure, and not wet my pants, or worse. This video clip does not reveal the inner leaping my soul is doing, the emotional backflips, the sensory overload of it all. But here are a few moments of my hour attacking the streets of Newport Beach in a brand new Ferrari California T.

The white car next to me at the stoplight is another Ferrari California T that had started out ahead of me by several minutes, and I caught him here, and finished several minutes ahead of him. He got to enjoy his ride longer than me, but I think I had more fun. It's all philosophical fidgeting about Ferraris and Fun...

 I tried to be blasé, and not reveal my burning NEED to drive this car, every day, for the rest of my life. I think I appear seriously interested, but non-committal.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Forgive me, Father; it has been 14 years since my last Ferrari

It seems like such a long time to be without a Ferrari. It is a Wrong that must be Put Right. A disharmony in the Universe. A Nit which must be Picked.

More than a Nit, of course. Or a Nit on the scale of the Nail that was Lost. A Nit with Grand Consequences.

It was not intended to be this way, that is, so long since my last Ferrari. It was, at the time, a mere transition, without any characterization of when the next one would come along, or what it would be, etc. At the time, it was surely unintended that it would be my LAST Ferrari. Surely there would be others...

I should speak of it as my Previous Ferrari, not my last Ferrari. There are only Previous, Current, or Next Ferraris.

It was merely a move from a giant airplane hangar in the desert with 6 cars to a seaside condo with only one parking place. Only one of my rides could be the daily driver.  The Maranello needed 20 minutes to warm up before the manual shifter would smooth out, so it was poorly suited to daily driving and reluctantly I let it go. I chose the Jag XK8 convertible, blue, for the daily driver, and drove it for 5 years. Then a Corvette roadster, C6, in 2006 followed by the Audi S5. Time slips away...

My Previous Ferrari was a brand new 550 Maranello. Photo above.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Low Profile version 1.0

Just now playing with the online configurator. Minimum of brightwork. No badges. Preview below. Check it out.

And then there is this remote resemblance, circa 1978, at Big Sur, with 275 GTB, long nose:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Test Drive!

Image from Test Drive confirmation mailer

Location: Pelican Hill resort, Newport Beach, CA
Date 8/28/2014
Time: 1:30Pm
Passenger: Matt, factory test driver
Weather: sunny and hot (90), cloudless
Car: as pictured

With virtually zero familiarization with controls, push the start button and learn that the brake will disengage when I give it some gas.  That's the same brake that engages itself when the car is turned off, with the key. It seems a bit old fashioned that you should need a key to be inserted into a lock.

Spectacular automobile, great drive through Newport area.
Four cars with New Jersey plates. Red, White, Blue (2?).
GoPro camera on windshield pointed at driver (me). That could be interesting.
Lots of power at the right revs.
Good sound.
Good seat.
Good fit.
The door closes with the right sound and feel.
The Test Drive car

Looking at the photo of the test drive car and the top photo, the car looks better with the A-pillar and top painted black. It seems to highlight the lines of the body. 
The wheels on the test drive car are definitely better than in the top photo.

I want to go badge-less, especially on the fenders.  It's too much.
I count at least 18 logos or brand names on the exterior and cockpit combined, and that just seems unnecessary. Almost seems a bit needy of attention, like trying overmuch. A bit too much influence from the marketing department. I'll do my best to simplify to the minimum number of signage elements for a total low profile automobile.

Saw the top operate,
but did not look closely.
Didn't get under the car.
Didn't get to drive with top up.
Didn't play with any features, controls, etc.
Took one photo.
Didn't look at engine (saw it at Prototype viewing in May).

It's amazing to me all the stuff I didn't do,
and all I can think of in my defense is that
I was fully hypnotized by the drive.
I was totally jacked up by the time it was over
because I drove it with great enthusiasm,
and got well over 100 for short bursts.

Driveway clearance was a concern, but if the Viper could do it, the California should be ok.
(But really should verify)

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Drove an hour north in my low-profile S5 to see a (somewhat) real life Ferrari California T. It was exhilarating but not accelerating. A feast for the eyes, for sure, in every nook, cranny, scoop and scallop. The leather is so good I just wanted to live there. Seat is perfect. A car you strap on. Body wear. The fit and feel of the door was right, it made the right sound, and yet it was light. High quality of build and finish.
I think the paint was good. Couldn't tell. The light in the showroom was strange. It was noon, which is always a challenging time to get good visual appeal. And the overhead fluorescent lights didn't help either. So I have to admit I didn't fall in love with the beauty of it the way I thought I would for my First Time. That's ok, I've fallen in love on the second date before, it's not all about just spontaneous Lust with me. I'll give her a second chance, and come back under better light, like at sunset.
So that's the highlight of my experience today, seeing, for the First Time, the 3-dimensional Ferrari California T.
Say what? That's all to report? No test drive? Sadly no. In fact, I have yet to hear it start. It is just for display only! The dealer is forbidden to start it. Such a tease!
Why would the Ferrari factory do this to me? Because this is one of the prototypes, the very small number of cars that will make their way around the world to dangle in front of the regular Ferrari buyers. A preview of things to come.
The first real dealer demonstrator cars will arrive sometime around October, according to career Ferrari salesman Pat Persichini. What a job, right? Ferrari salesman. What the heck am I doing playing with startups and computer software? I could be selling Ferraris. And other exotic automobiles. How great would that be!
Pat sold me my last Ferrari, 14 years ago. Can you imagine that? Fourteen years since my last new Ferrari. Boggles my mind. How have I managed to deal with everyday life without a Ferrari? This is an injustice that must be dealt with.
I just need to get through the next few months...
Until I can hear the noises she makes, the growl and thunder, the moaning and wailing... bark like a bad dog, scream like a banshee.
Until I can feel her supple glove leather interior pressing me full into the turns.
Until I can smell the new, and the heat, and the fire and rubber.
There's much more I need from this new Ferrari.
October seems very far away.
I know the wait will be worth it....

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Apple-Ferrari connection

March 3, 2014  (Facebook post)

More on the Ferrari Project: (from the Washington Post today

I expect my new Ferrari California T to have the latest tech from Apple's new CarPlay system, being announced in the next few days at the Geneva Auto Show. Apple's Jony Ive is on the Ferrari Board of Directors for the last year+, and this is just one result of collaboration between these two super-Brands.

First contact

February 20, 2014  (Facebook post)

More on the Ferrari project: Today I registered with stating my intent to buy at the earliest opportunity one new Ferrari California T from the dealer in Newport Beach. Hopefully this will give me a place closer to the front of the line. I'm sure there are a good number of people ahead of me, and the wait will probably be at least a year, but there will probably be many more people in line behind me... 

My Mind is Playing Tricks on me!

February 16, 2014 (Facebook post)

Wow... I could actually smell the leather as the door opened and the guy got inside the car! How weird is that? 

Rationalizing an Emotional Decision

Facebook post, February 16, 2014

More on the Ferrari project: I have contacted the Ferrari salesman who remembers me from 14 years ago when I ordered my custom built 550 Maranello from the factory via his dealership. He says no info is currently available on when they will accept orders for the new California T, however should know more soon. 

When arranging for the purchase of a new custom built Ferrari, one must have patience. The 550 Maranello took about 11 months from order to delivery. The California T may take about the same, but it could be several more months until they start accepting orders. I figure sometime in the middle of 2015 I should be driving it...

The Ferrari experience is more emotional than rational.

Getting the urge

February 15, 2014

The brand new Ferrari California T - some machines, such as this one, and the biplane I flew for 7 years, have a magnetic physical presence... a gravitational pull that can capture a man into orbit around it. If I ordered one, in my colors, it would take a year to build... It would be fun to create a plan to make it appear next spring! 

The last time I ordered a new Ferrari from the factory was about 14 years ago, for the 550 Maranello, and I sold it about a year later, so it has been much too long since my last Ferrari. I think it is important to have something to look forward to (as in My Next Ferrari) but it's also important to actually achieve it...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Announcement

On February 12, 2014, it was announced in the motoring press that Ferrari would soon reveal their newest model, the "California T", at the Geneva Auto Show, March 6, 2014.

As a long time Ferrari addict, this announcement caught my attention. I had looked at the California model when it was announced several years ago, but other than the retractible hardtop, it left me wanting more.

Because?  Well, for starters, it was a V8, and all my Ferraris to date (four different 275GTBs and a 550 Maranello) have been V12s.  It just didn't seem that it would have the guts I would want in a new Ferrari.  Also, I thought those stacked exhaust tips were a bit overdone. A styling error. That was enough to put me off.  It seemed that the car was just not up to further inquiry.

The latest announcement photos show that Ferrari has fixed the exhaust tips error and put them where God intended, where they belong. And, for some reason, I'm becoming more accepting of a V8.  That could be due to the 552 horses (more than the Maranello).

The big draw is the retractible hardtop. Although I live in SoCal, and most days are great for top down driving, I seldom do it.  I'm a low-profile kind of guy, not into showing off, so I usually keep the top up when I'm driving a convertible.  Rag-top convertibles are noisy.  I don't want wind noise blurring the sound of the exhaust, and the engine. So the flip-top should be a lot quieter.

Lots to think about.  I find myself wanting one!